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When searching for the best storage services in Florida, it’s important to find companies with adequate space and strong security for your belongings. Debonair Movers in South Florida offers both, as well as a fair price for storing items before, during and after your move.



Secure Storage Units For Your Belongings

Debonair Movers offers over a thousand storage units and has plenty of storage space to meet your moving and storage service needs. Our storage units start at 5 x 7 x 7 (one room) allowing us to meet all kinds of storage needs for customers and clients.

Storage Service Costs

With Debonair Movers, we always offer a fair price. We send a representative from our company to do an in-person evaluation of your storage needs. We can determine how many storage bins you need and let you know how big a storage bin you will need for each room.

We then provide a written estimate and stick to that price. No last-minute surprises on storage costs!

Safe and Secure Storage Facility

  • The No. 1 concern for anyone who needs moving and storage services in Florida is having their items kept in a safe place. Debonair Movers provides clean, secure storage with 24-hour monitoring and CCTV security. We also have a computerized inventory system for accurate tracking of all items.

Safe And Secure

Who Needs Storage Services in Florida?

Whether you are looking for a local storage service in South Florida or a long-distance moving and storage company, Debonair Movers has you covered. We are federally licensed to handle moves in South Florida, across the state of Florida, and long-distance moves to anywhere in the country.

Typical storage needs for different kinds of moves would include the following.

Moving and Storage for Residential Moves

In many cases, homeowners may need to store some or all their belongings because their new home is not completely ready. Debonair Movers offers a large variety of storage units that allow you flexibility in how you store your belongings temporarily.

Moving and Storage Services for Businesses

Moving a business can prove complicated. In many cases, businesses may need to put some office furniture and equipment into storage while a new office is being completed. The same can be true for industrial companies moving into new warehouse space. Debonair Movers can meet their needs in either case.

Storage Services For Businesses

Moving and Storage Services for Local Moves

Even if you are just moving from Miami to West Palm Beach or Doral to Pembroke Pines, moves sometimes require an overnight layover. We offer special deals for such situations so that your belongings are safely stored and not left on a truck overnight.

Moving and Storage Services for Long Distance Moves

A long-distance move can become the toughest kind of move. You’ll want a Florida moving and storage company that offers the chance to store your belongings while you travel ahead and make sure your new place is ready for the delivery of your furniture, home office equipment, and other items.

Moving and Storage Service for Valuable Items

When it comes to precious items such as pianos or artwork, you want a dependable Florida moving and storage service. At Debonair Movers, we have years of experience and are fully licensed to move such items. We also have CCTV security in our storage units, as well as a computerized inventory tracking system, allowing you to feel secure that your temporary storage needs are being met for your specialty items.

 Valuable Items

Why Debonair Movers

Why choose Debonair Movers for your storage service needs? We have years of experience handling residential and commercial moves in Florida. We’ve worked hard to build a reputation for fairness, consistency, safety, and efficiency.

We offer safe transport and complete security for your items, including storage bins monitored with CCTV and a computerized inventory tracking system.

If you are planning a move and have a need for storage services, give Debonair Movers a call and see the difference we can make in ensuring your move goes safely and smoothly.

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