Home Furniture Movers When you’re moving, one of the main issues is the safe transportation of your major pieces of furniture. Whether you are in a large home or a small apartment, you want professional movers who can handle all the heavy lifting involved.

Debonair Movers has years of experience helping people move to Florida from states around the country, as well as working with local moves and moves within the Sunshine State. We specialize in offering professional, courteous moving services that take the stress out of your move.

What kind of furniture can we handle? Everything you can throw at us. We’ve handled complicated big moves and small ones. Consider the following types of furniture. Our professional movers can help you with any of them.



Types of Moves Debonair Movers Handles

Debonair Movers is headquartered in West Palm Beach with offices throughout South Florida.

We can handle:

  • Local moves in South Florida 

  • Long distance moves into and out of South Florida 

  • International moves

We also offer secure storage for your items with 24/7 CCTV security provided.

Living Room Furniture

We can move couches, sofas, chairs, coffee tables and end tables. The couch or sofa is often the centerpiece of a living room, which means it’s typically large and hard to move. You’re going to want professionals wrapping it up in padding, fitting it through the door and taking it to the truck without scratching it up (or the walls!).

Moving Den Furniture

The den is where the action is in most homes. That usually means another couch – maybe even a huge sectional. It also means a large TV, bookcases, storage bins, decorative items and wall art. We can handle all of that, including delicate antique pieces and art. We have all the right equipment to handle a move and we’ve seen it all before.

Moving Specialty Items

Speaking of art and antiques, we can also move other specialty items such as pianos, cars and motorcycles. Just let us know what specialty items you need moved when you contact us, and we will work out the arrangements.

Moving The Garage

The garage! Even if you’ve done a good cleanout of items, you likely still have items like bikes, ping pong tables, ladders, lawn equipment and many more items in your garage. With Debonair Movers, we’ll make a thorough assessment of what you need moved and provide the men and equipment to get it done.

Moving Office Furniture

Have a business you want moved? Worried about how you will handle moving computers, chairs, tables and all the other furniture? Another area of specialty for Debonair Movers is handling business moves. Yes, that includes the gigantic conference room table and beautiful polished desk in the corner office.

Storing Furniture

As noted above, we have all the storage space you need for your move. We provide 24/7 security through a high-tech CCTV system. We can hold items for as long as needed and transport them to your new location.

Gun Safes

We can handle moving a gun safe. We handle moving these heavy safes to save you the trouble of doing it yourself. It also allows you to have gun security in your new home from Day 1.

Hire A Professional

When it comes to moving heavy furniture and big items, you want professionals to get the job done for you. Look for a moving company that offers free, written estimated and in-home assessments of your moving needs. We can take the stress out of your next move!

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