Movers More than half of the moves in any given year involve seniors. That’s especially true in South Florida, where many seniors move to enjoy the sunshine and the beaches as they downsize their home or begin their retirement years.

Whatever the reason they are moving, senior citizens can face an overwhelming time as they leave their home of many years to move to a new location. Finding a professional moving company to partner with on your move is one of the smartest moves you can make.



Seniors who are moving have their own unique set of challenges. Debonair Movers often works with seniors to help them with relocating to Florida. We’ve come to anticipate many of the needs of seniors during a move.

Moving Services For Senior Citizens

One of the biggest decisions for seniors is how much of the move they want to do themselves. Debonair Movers offers a host of services that can eliminate any worries about having to lift any items or even do the packing.
For example, the company offers:

  • Packing services for those who do not want to pack themselves 

  • Disassembly and reassembly of bigger items, such as beds 

  • Handling all the lifting and carrying – you don’t have to do a thing! 

  • Uniformed and professional movers 

  • Fair prices and no last-minute changes

Senior movers also will get a free, in-home estimate for their move. It’s during that time that seniors can decide what services they’d like to make use of that can make the move easier for them.

Fragile Items

Debonair Movers also has worked with many different clients in moving valuable items such as artwork, sculptures, antique furniture and family heirlooms. This is especially important for senior movers, many of whom have accumulated many expensive, fragile and important items through the years.
Moving professionals will go over each one of those items with senior movers and determine the best approach to moving them safely.

Storage Services for Senior Citizens

Another frequent issue of seniors is having storage for items. This is especially true for those who are downsizing their lives and want to have far less in their homes. Debonair Movers offers storage units that are secure and monitored 24 hours a day by CCTV.

Proper Licensing

South Florida, including Miami, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, attracts senior movers from all over the country. That’s because the area truly offers an environment unlike any other in the entire country.
However, that also means that senior movers need to hire a moving company that has all the proper licensing to handle interstate moves, as well as the trucks and equipment to get the job done. Debonair Movers is licensed to handle moves from every state and even from outside of the country.
Senior movers face unique challenges, but a quality moving company can make moving day go smoothly for them. Do the research and find the best moving company that works well with senior movers. It will make Moving Day that much easier.

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